Litigation Services

Amabile & Erman, P.C. is a full service law firm capable of all phases of litigation. For over 30 years, Amabile & Erman, P.C. has been providing legal services to our clients during all phases of litigation including initial pleadings, discovery, depositions, trial and Appellate work. Each and every matter is handled by a team of attorneys with varied backgrounds and experience most of whom have over 15 years of litigation experience.

Medical Malpractice Defense (Medical Defense Litigation)

Since the beginning in 1982, Amabile & Erman, P.C. has specialized in the area of medical malpractice defense. We represent hospitals and physicians in negligence and wrongful death cases on behalf of the largest insurance carriers in the tri-state area.

In addition to defending physicians, we also represent dentists, nurses, paramedics, podiatrists, pathologists, social workers and other members of the allied health professions. Our representation extends to managed care organizations and privately run emergency rooms.

Our firm’s attorneys have developed knowledge in a wide variety of medical fields, including obstetrics, orthopedics, surgery and oncology, to name just a few. This depth of knowledge, coupled with the firm’s reputation for excellence in client defense, has attracted a client roster that includes nationally renowned physicians and premier teaching hospitals.

Healthcare Disciplinary Proceedings/OPMC Hearings

From time to time, a patient may file a formal complaint which can result in a healthcare provider being required to appear for a disciplinary proceeding. When dealing with health care disciplinary proceedings, obtaining counsel who has an in-depth familiarity with healthcare law may be crucial to avoiding suspensions and/or revocations of your license to practice medicine.   It is important to promptly seek an attorney who has an in depth understanding of disciplinary/OPMC proceedings. Our team of healthcare attorneys has a long history of successfully representing medical professionals facing disciplinary actions in the State of New York and New Jersey. To schedule a consultation and discuss a healthcare disciplinary proceeding, please call (718) 370-7030.

General Liability

Our attorneys handle a wide range of general liability matters, including claims involving motor vehicle accidents, constructions defects, premises liability, property damage, fire loss, liquor liability/dram shop actions. In order to effectively handle such high exposure actions, it is our belief that an aggressive investigation of the facts and location of loss must be completed during the early stages of discovery. Thereafter, cases are evaluated at an early stage so that efforts can be made to identify those matters that, in all likelihood, will require resolution prior to trial. This provides the most cost-effective representation to our clients and allows us to direct additional resources to matters deemed appropriate for trial.

We pride ourselves on the extensive trial skills of the attorneys in this practice group, all of whom have had experience in handling a variety of high-exposure cases in front of juries in a number of jurisdictions. Regardless of the complexity of the matter, our continuing goal is to ensure that our clients are fully informed of the status of all litigation so that the most effective strategic decisions can be made at each stage.

Appellate Practice

Amabile & Erman, P.C. has a seasoned and respected team of appellate litigators who have appeared in the federal and state courts throughout the tri-state area, including the Federal District Courts, New York Appellate Courts and Court of Appeals. Effective appellate practice requires sophisticated legal analysis coupled with an eye for detail. Furthermore, appellate practice requires clarity and persuasiveness in both written and oral advocacy. Amabile & Erman, P.C. is capable of providing such skills to promote effective Appellate advocacy.

Construction Site Litigation/Labor Law

Amabile & Erman, P.C. has a dedicated team of attorneys who specialize in the defense of construction site litigation. We have successfully represented various clients, including municipalities, large general contractors, sub contractors and property owners in various construction site accidents. Moreover, we have a comprehensive understanding of New York Labor Law Sections 200, 240(2) and 241(6) and the applicable defenses to said statutes. Our small firm approach ensures that each client is kept fully abreast of all developments in each matter.

Premises Liability

The depth of experience at Amabile & Erman, P.C. ensures that we are fully capable of representing clients in all premises liability actions with even the most severe injuries. Our wide range of extensive litigation skills ensures that all phases are premises liability are appropriately handled.