Alleged negligent failure of defendant surgeon to refer plaintiff for sentinal node biopsy involving removal of one node only – Alleged lymphedema stemming from axillary node dissection. The jury found for the defendant.

Failure to detect

2004, June 22

Failure to Detect. Patient claimed doctor didn’t diagnose bowel obstruction. FACTS & ALLEGATIONS On Nov. 18, 1994, plaintiff presented to her internist at his Staten Island office. She complained of stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting. Intern compiled plaintiff’s medical history and performed a physical examination. An endoscopy revealed some polyps in her stomach and signs […]

Woman wanted better smile, dental work failed to provide it. FACTS & ALLEGATIONS In May 1993, plaintiff presented to a Richmond County dental office. Plaintiff sought cosmetic dental work to improve the appearance of her smile. Defendant intended to place two crowns and three laminates to create the appearance of six teeth where plaintiff had […]

Delayed Treatment Infection Control. Untreated infection led to uterine damage, patient alleged. FACTS & ALLEGATIONS On March 23, 2001, plaintiff was admitted to defendant hospital, where she was to deliver her second child. plaintiff’s first child was born via a Caesarean delivery. This time, plaintiff wanted to attempt a vaginal delivery. Doctors administered a small dose […]

Surgeon Negligent Treatment

2004, February 17

INJURIES/DAMAGES face; scar and/or disfigurement, facial plaintiff claimed that the defendants removed an excessive amount of tissue from his nose, leaving him with a facial scar and disfigurement. Plaintiff claimed that he will need future corrective surgery. The jury rendered a defense verdict. It found that the defendants did not depart from the standard of care.

Negligent Treatment

2003, October 2

INJURIES/DAMAGES hemiparesis; stroke, a mother of three suffered a stroke five weeks after she left the hospital. She sustained permanent left-sided hemiparesis. RESULT The claim against defendant was discontinued prior to the trial; the claim against the hospital was discontinued during the trial. Plaintiff and defendant reached a $125,000 settlement during the trial, and the […]