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1000 South Ave #201, Staten Island, NY 10314

Following a 2 week trial, Marc J. Falcone was successful in obtaining a defense verdict on behalf of a prominent anesthesiologist and his employer.

The case was venued in Richmond County and involved the allegation that the defendant negligently intubated the patient just prior to the start of a surgery to remove part of the patient’s colon.  It was alleged that the defendant lacerated the right vocal cord with the endotracheal tube, causing irreparable damage and scar.  The patient, a 49 year old school teacher and singer, underwent a subsequent surgery and multiple vocal cord injections in an effort to restore normal voice function, all of which was unsuccessful.  The plaintiff alleged that she was left with a scar on the vocal cord, as well as glottic insufficiency, which interfered with her ability to speak and sing.


The jury found that the defendant provided proper and appropriate treatment and did not depart from the accepted standards of medical practice.

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