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John Orbon obtained a defendant’s verdict on behalf of a surgeon. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant surgeon failed to properly perform a sentinel node biopsy resulting in a recurrence of cancer in her lymph nodes. After 4 weeks of trial a Queens jury rendered a unanimous verdict in favor of our client.

Congratulations to Carl Erman in obtaining a defendant’s verdict on behalf of two surgeons in Supreme Court, Richmond County in which plaintiff alleged a transection of a hepatic artery resulting in numerous hospitalizations and subsequent surgical procedures.

Congratulations to Carl Erman for obtaining a defendant’s verdict on behalf of a surgeon in Kings County.

Alleged negligent failure of defendant surgeon to refer plaintiff for sentinal node biopsy involving removal of one node only – Alleged lymphedema stemming from axillary node dissection. The jury found for the defendant.

Failure to detect

2004, June 22

Failure to Detect. Patient claimed doctor didn’t diagnose bowel obstruction. FACTS & ALLEGATIONS On Nov. 18, 1994, plaintiff presented to her internist at his Staten Island office. She complained of stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting. Intern compiled plaintiff’s medical history and performed a physical examination. An endoscopy revealed some polyps in her stomach and signs […]

Surgeon Negligent Treatment

2004, February 17

INJURIES/DAMAGES face; scar and/or disfigurement, facial plaintiff claimed that the defendants removed an excessive amount of tissue from his nose, leaving him with a facial scar and disfigurement. Plaintiff claimed that he will need future corrective surgery. The jury rendered a defense verdict. It found that the defendants did not depart from the standard of care.